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Matrix Decoded Pro

1.3 is available!

Version 1.3 has been thoroughly tested and thousands are using the app.  It's very straight forward, but for anyone having difficulty, follow these steps:

  1. Tap anywhere once to display Menu Bar.
  2. Tap options icon (the gear).
  3. Tap on View Number to configure a view.
  4. Tap on Yes for Visible View.
  5. Change any other settings you'd like.
  6. Scroll to bottom and tap on 'Save'.  The options will only take affect when you tap 'Save'.  You can make multiple views visible and change their settings, but make sure you tap on 'Save' when done.

Remember, if you muck things up with too many extreme options, tap 'Default' and then 'Save' at the bottom.  This will get you back to a-reasonable default options view.

Locking as a Screensaver:

Apparently some new-iDevice owners don't realize 'Apple' only allows an app to be locked as a screensaver via Guided Access (and animated app wallpaper is not allowed).  Here's the path to configure Guided Access: Settings > General > Accessibility > Guided Access

Injecting a Feed:

The new version will allow you to inject URL based feeds into the Matrix views (one of over 15 new features).  If you have access to a web server, you can create your own feeds.  Otherwise, below are a few canned URL feeds to use; just change the end of the URL in the app on the options menu (after Weather option).

Canned Example Feeds:

  • Random Quotes (updates every 15 minutes).  URL:
  • Random Fortunes (updates every 5 minutes).  URL:

Example crontab script


fortune -s | fold -sw 20 > $location/fortune.tmp
mv $location/fortune.tmp $location/fortune.txt

For additional help:

Email me at